Our vineyards

Priorat is a tiny enclave, yet due to the topography there is huge variation in micro-climates and soils. These soils are dominated by llicorella, a mineral-rich and highly fractured slate. In this steep and tortured landscape there is enormous variation, not only in the colour and structure of the llicorella, but also in the hydrology, altitude and aspect of the vineyards. Many vineyards are so steep and contoured that they have micro-climates within. All this results in each vineyard having a unique character. There may be as much as three weeks difference in harvest date between cariñena in Bellmunt and cariñena in la Garranxa. It is these variations that explain the uniqueness and variety of Priorat wines.

Our vineyards are split roughly into two zones; the high altitude, cool vineyards around Porrera and La Garranxa and the lower, hotter vineyards around Bellmunt de Priorat: Les Eres is located overlooking the village of Porrera it extends to almost 3ha of steep terraced costers (slopes) with 8,000 vines of cariñena and garnacha planted 93 years ago. La Garranxa is a deserted hamlet 5 km above Porrera, here there are a small number of ancient cariñena and we have planted 15,000 vines of garnacha, syrah and cabernet sauvingnon on newly created terraces climbing up a steep hillside towering above the hamlet.

La Garranxa and Les Eres benefit from the cooling effects of altitude and the micro-climate of the steep mountains surrounding the village. El Mollo the highest peak in Priorat rises above the vineyards of la Garranxa.

Tros Nou is located near the village of Bellmunt, it’s 3,800 vines were planted 87 years ago, mainly with garnacha peluda, the remainder being cariñena. This is the only vineyard that is relatively level, it is also our hottest vineyard and is always the first to be harvested.

Els Carners was planted only 83 years ago with 1,500 vines of cariñena and garnacha and is a tiny, steep enclave in the forest above Bellmunt. Dotted with olive trees, it is the source of our top wine Les Eres Especial, and only then in years when we consider the quality deserves special selection.